How to Get the Wisdom you Want

It’s been a busy Spring in my ministry and in my heart as we are getting a second daughter ready to graduate from high school!  Today, I’m taking some time to write a letter to you.

In between speaking events and driving around Portland to watch tennis or track meets, I’ve been talking to God about how desperate I am for His wisdom. Our discussions sound a bit tense as I tell him why and how I need his wisdom–immediately, please!  As I have conversations with others, it seems everyone wants more wisdom, insight, and direction for what to do next in a given situation for themselves or someone else.  They, too, are feeling like they need it now! What do I do, they ask?

Since I am the queen of distraction, I decided I wanted to hear God’s wise Voice more than I wanted to be on my phone or computer so I drove to a place where I didn’t have cell service or wifi.  During this sacred time alone with God, I shared with him how my circumstances were pointing to change. And I needed the wisdom to change or transform with that change.  (Wondering if anyone can relate to that?).

As God and I talked, I heard him ask me what was in my heart – was there fear or lack of peace? Worry that he wouldn’t impart his wisdom in time? Instantly, God spoke and said, “In your heart honor Christ as Holy, Pam.” I noticed that the anxiety I felt was blurring my vision of Jesus and I couldn’t recognize his Presence but I heard his Voice when he asked, “Pam, what expectations are in your heart?” And as I listed my expectations, I saw that my hope–what I was intensely longing for –was keeping me from recognizing God’s holiness.

He spoke again and said, “Pam, make the the Lord of Heaven’s of Armies holy in your life.  He is the One you should fear.” As I listened to the Lord give me reasons for the hope he was describing, I realized how often I don’t recognize when I’m on Holy ground during the course of my days and weeks.  Could it be possible for me to pay better attention when I’m suddenly walking on Holy ground?

A few days after that conversation with God, I came across the story of Joshua in chapter 5: 13-15 where Joshua is standing by Jericho and looks up to see a man with a drawn sword in his hand.  Joshua approaches the man and asks him if he’s for or against him; the man announces he is the Commander of the Lord’s Army.  Joshua falls on his face to the ground and worships saying, “What does my lord say to his servant?”

That was it.  Joshua’s heart was right there – eager, full of hope, reverent and submissive to God. He wasn’t full of dread or angst or worry that God wasn’t going to release the plan in time.  Nope.  On Holy ground, he simply asked, “What does my lord say to his servant?” And in that place, God gave him everything he needed to take down Jericho.

That’s my update for you.  I don’t have a 4-step plan to getting the wisdom you want or need.  Just a simple reminder to pay attention when you are on holy ground so you can bow your mind and heart to the Lord of the Angel Armies and submissively ask, “What does my lord say to his servant?”

That’s how we get the wisdom we want.

Thank you for keeping in touch and sending me your thoughts.  I read every single email and note!



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