Pam can give one or several of these talks at your event

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Staying Close and the Power of Spiritual Friendship: Pam introduces the Five Patterns as she explores the crisis of relationship in our culture. She speaks on staying close in mentoring/friendship/relationships for the long haul while she shares her story and research from her book, A Friend in Me.

Rooted in Forgiveness: Pam uses Scripture and research as she exhorts her audience to practice forgiveness as a process to healing through all Christ has done and will do for us.

Leaving the Frenzy Behind: A persuasive call for women to respond to God’s invitation to come to Him with their hunger and thirst (Isaiah 55 is unpacked here). It’s our opportunity to leave the busyness behind and let God reframe our identity as Christian women in close connections with faith-filled women.

Renewing the Spirit:
The women in our lives are hungry for something. The key is for us to send women away from our presence letting them feel there’s new possibilities for their lives. This happens when we pay attention to our own renewal. Renewal is at the heart of the Gospel and doesn’t happen all in one go: it takes work, prayer, and counsel.

Restoring Safe Havens: This final session is a call to team unity. In this talk, Pam encourages women to pay attention to their new identity as being part of a team when she asks: What does it look like to be “one” with other women?

Renewed Courage

Dare to be Your Most Authentic Self: Pam delves into the Joshua story unpacking four main points about courage and God’s call to us today in our current culture.

Dare to Risk it All: In her talk on Joshua 2, Pam looks at God’s powerful love in the light of the person of Rahab. Pam challenges her listeners to risk it all so outsiders can become insiders.

Dare to Rest and Renew: In this third talk, Pam looks at the resurrection of Jesus Christ, His triumph and his current ministry, and how we can trust Him to for a newness of life. Pam’s teaching comes from Luke 24 and Joshua 6.

Along with speaking, Pam also hosts Real Life events. If you’d like to host a Real Life Conversation at your church or organization, contact Pam for more details. In these two-hour events, Pam explores the following by acting as a moderator with your women:

– The current problem we have in our culture with staying close and building deeper friendships and mentoring

– The Five Patterns we can practice and internalize as we connect with women

-The relationship between humility, comfort, understanding, forgiveness, compassion and our own stories

– The common problem when we don’t model forgiveness and what being rooted in forgiveness looks like

– How the women under 40 are perceiving message from women ahead of them in life and how the women over 40 perceive the women behind them

-Initiatives for nurturing the relationships women share in your church or organization.

Pam works well with event organizers to customize her talks. Please contact Pam if you are interested in the Scripture passages she unpacks in her teaching.

Pam is a JOY! She is so welcoming, bubbly, high energy, caring and loving. She just exudes warmth and care. Pam is a very well spoken and confident speaker. She has great timing and delivers sincere stories with warm humor. She delivered a message of faith and friendship to a mixed audience of believers and non-believers and captured the hearts of everyone in attendance.Tracy Fitzke from Waterstone Community Church in Littleton, Colorado

She is engaging as she communicates and inspires with a call to action. Her teaching is based on Scripture and leaves you wanting to be more and live up to God’s calling. I highly recommend her for speaking and engaging one-on-one with your women’s group.Martye Haugstad, Women's Director, Sonrise Church, Hillsboro, OR